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Friday, June 29, 2012

Items that are up for silent auction at this Saturday's benefit race at Dumplin Valley Raceway

NASCAR hats, pictures, and die cast cars signed by drivers like Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, Trevor Bayne, and others. There is even items signed by team owner Jack Roush.

The picture of me and Juno is also signed by Coach Philip Fulmer.

Hat signed by Coach Phillip Fulmer.

Prayers for Lucas benefit race

The news clip about my benefit for this Saturday at Dumplin Valley Raceway.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The casts are off and therapy is going well.

I went back to Lexington, Kentucky to the Shriner's Hospital this last week. They cut my casts off. Everything looks good but I'm real unsteady when I try to walk. They fitted me for new braces that are the next level above what I currently have. I have to go back on July 5th to get them. I will have to have a lot of therapy to learn to walk with them. They are also going to check on ordering me another wheelchair since I've had so much trouble out of my current one and it's falling apart.

I'm doing really well in therapy and had an awesome day today at therapy. I done everything on my own and asked for help when I needed it. I did tire out a lot towards the end but I kept on trying.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I've had a great couple of weeks that have been filled with adventures for my family and me. It's summer time and we are on the go doing all that we can to make memories while we can. I'm looking forward to this Thursday. I will be getting my casts taken off at the Shriners Hospital in Lexington, KY. That means I will finally be able to get into the swimming pools and play. I LOVE playing in the water.