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Monday, April 30, 2012

Please help me in voting for Juno my service dog.

Please help and vote for Juno for the Hero Dog Awards. If we win it will help bring a lot of attention and awareness to my disorder, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Also the non-profit group that is sponsoring me, the IAADP (International Association of Assistance Dog Partners), wiill receive a donation for $10,000. They are a great group that helps thousands of service dogs and their handlers all over though education, service, and advocacy. So PLEASE vote daily for Juno. The voting goes though June 30th. All you have to do is click on the link, click "Vote for Lucas and Juno" and enter you email. Don't worry your not going to get a buck of junk mail from them. It's just how they verify the voter for each day. Juno has done so much for me that this is the least I can do for her. So far she is in second place and we are hoping that everyone will share this so we can get her into first place. I know she wouldn't give up on me so I'm not giving up on her.

My first blog sight

I'm really doing all that I can to reach out to everyone in all formats on the internet. Along with my popular facebook fan page I also recently added a twitter account and now my very own blog page.