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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Juno isn't doing very well ..
UPDATE as of 9pm Sunday night - Juno is in really bad shape. We spoke with the vet and he has her on IV's and running every test possible. Severe diarrhea & dehydrated!

Juno is very upset that she cannot be right by Lucas, so she was given a sedative. Please rally together and lets help this sweet girl. Village Vet's address is listed below if you would like to donate that way. THANK YOU!

Lehman, Edwin M DVM - Village Veterinary Hospital
(865) 984-6660
2207 E Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN 37804
Juno is sick...
Juno is very sick and she belongs to Lucas Hembree. Juno is a service dog for this child that suffers from a rare disease called, "Sanfilippo Syndrome".

Juno has been sick for nearly 3 weeks. She has possible Salmonella and has severe diarrhea. Juno is not eating or drinking well and the fear of dehydration may happen. Lucas is sick with Salmonella. Right now they NEED each other, not to be separated!

We, the Blount County SPCA would like to tackle Juno's vet bills and we need your help! Dr. Ed Lehman at Village Vet in Maryville, will be caring for her. You may stop by there in person and donate as well.
Please share this chip-in and lets work together to save Juno!
Lucas and his family are counting on us!
For more information about Lucas and Juno, please visit-